• Classroom Procedures for Art


    Entering the classroom

    When entering the art room, go directly to your assigned seat and wait for directions.  Unless there is a problem, this is not the time to visit with the teacher.


    Listening to the speaker

    Use good listening skills whether it is Mrs. Young, a visitor, or a classmate who has permission to speak to the whole group.  Good listening includes keeping your mouth and body quiet, looking the speaker in the eyes, and not interrupting.  Staying on topic with your questions and comments is important.  If you want to ask a question or make a comment, you must raise your hand to speak.  Never sharpen your pencil while a speaker is speaking to the whole group.


    Classroom visitors

    Be kind and respectful to visitors.  Do not get out of your seat to talk to a visitor. Do not interrupt Mrs. Young while she is talking with the visitor.

    If the office buzzes only Mrs. Young is to answer.



    For grades 3-6 you will only be allowed to go to the bathroom if you are having an emergency.

    For grades K-2, you can only go one at a time during independent work time, one at a time.  You are never allowed to go during instruction time.


    Turning in work

    At the end of each art class, turn your dry work in to your class folder.  Leave any wet work on the drying rack.


    Absent Work

    If you miss an assignment, you will either be allowed to make up the work in class or be exempt from the assignment.  Mrs. Young will let you know which option is best when you return to class.  On rare occasions you will be allowed to take projects home to finish.


    Clean up

    Each student is expected to clean up his or her own work area.  Tables and floor must be clean before students will be called to line up.  Dirty brushes and trays should be placed in the sink.  Do not wash them unless you have special permission.


    Lining up

    Students will either be called to line up according to their row.


    Emergency Procedures

    In case of a fire, we will line up quietly and go to the playground for roll call.  Leave all belongings on the tables.  Last person out shuts the door.

    In case of a tornado, you will be returned to your teacher where you will continue safety procedures.

    For lock down situation, we will follow school-wide guidelines.