• What happens if I don't know how to do my homework?

                        Bring your homework to Room 225 before school (7:05am-7:30am) or at lunch to get extra help/tutoring. If you want to come in at lunch, you must ask Mrs. Nelson for a lunch pass. You can also come to Mrs. Nelson's classroom after school as long as you arrange a ride home after you receive help and let her know ahead of time.

    • How can I improve my grade?

                        To improve your grade, you may correct any homework assignment, come in during lunch to correct a test/quiz, turn in extra credit, go to before-school tutoring in Room 225 to get extra help, focus in class and ask questions when needed.

    • What if I lose my homework or I'm absent when homework is given?

                        You can print copies of homework assignments from my website or you can get copies from the "Homework Binder" in my classroom.