• What happens if I don't know how to do my homework?

                        Bring your homework to Room 225 at lunch or after school to get extra help/tutoring. If you want to come in at lunch, you can ask Mrs. Nelson for a lunch pass. If you come to Mrs. Nelson's classroom after school, you must notify your parent/guardian that you will be staying and arrange a ride home after you receive help.

    • How can I improve my grade?

                        To improve your grade, you may correct any homework assignment, correct tests/quizzes, turn in extra credit, go to Room 225 to get extra help at lunch or after school, focus in class and ask questions when needed.
    • What if I lose my homework or I'm absent when homework is given?

                        You can get copies from the "Homework Binder" in my classroom. If it is a textbook assignment, you can access the book online at bigideasmath.com.