• Grading System
     The grading scale for art is based on a 4 point system:
    4 points= E (Excellent)
    3 points=S (Satisfactory)
    2 points=N (Needs Improvement)
    1 point=U (Unsatisfactory)
    Infinite Campus:  When you look at your child's grade in art, one column will show the letter grade(E,S,N,U).  Other columns show possible points and percentages.  Do not pay attention to these.  If it shows 4 out of 100 points that is not right, but there seems to be no way to change that.  All assignments are out of four points. 
    Project Grades:  Project grades are based on four criteria:  completion, following directions, neatness, and effort.  I do not grade based on artistic talent or ability.  For the upper grades I frequently have them use a rubric.  A rubric is like a checklist to help them make sure they have followed directions and have included the necessary principles of design. 
    Tests and Quizzes:  Throughout the year I will be giving quizzes on art history and elements and principles of design.  These will be worth 4 points each. 
    Participation Grades:  On some days I will give participation grades for class discussion/instruction time.  If a student gets a low grade for this it is because he or she is talking to others without permission or being disruptive.
    If you have any questions concerning your child's grades or the grading process please send me an email or call me during my plan time.