Classroom Procedures
    We are bucket fillers, not bucket dipper! Read  our Behavior Plan for more detailed information..

    Beginning of Day:


    - Place coats and bags on your hook and lunch boxes in our lunch basket.

     - Enter the classroom quietly.

    – Be sure all items needed for class are taken to table - make sure you have sharpened pencils.

    – Put Homework Folder in the bin.

    – Begin Morning Work.

    Homework Procedures:

    – Put homework in Homework Folder to take home.

    – Bring home a library book to read at home.

    – The next day, place Homework Folder in the bin.

    Line Procedures - 5S Line:


     -Single File
    - Straight
    - Still
    - Smiling 

    – Walk on the 2nd big tile on the right hand side of the hallway

    Bathroom Procedures:

    – Go to bathroom and get a drink.

    – Students will not be allowed to use the bathroom during classroom instruction, unless there is an emergency.

    Fire Drill Procedures:

    – Line up quietly and quickly into one line at the back door.

    Follow Fire Drill Escape Plan. 

    (We exit our back door towards the playground.)

    – No talking once outside.

    - Wait for name to be called and answer when your name is called.

    – Re-enter building quietly.

    – Resume normal class routine.

    Tornado Drill Procedures:

    – Walk quietly to the designated safety spots in our room.

    – Follow Tornado Drill Escape Plan. 

    No talking.

    - Listen for any further instructions.

    – Return to seat when instructed.

    – Resume normal class routine.

    Computer Procedures:

    – One person per computer unless otherwise directed.

    – Headphones must be used when using sound.

    Library Procedures:

    – Students may read books in the classroom during silent reading time.

    - We will go to the library once a week as a class.

     - Two (2) students at a time may go to the library when given teacher permission.

    – Students are responsible for their library books.

    – Students may check out one (1) library books at a time.

    Classroom Book Bin Procedures:

    – Students may read books in the classroom from the reading area shelf.

    – Treat books with respect.

    – Keep library area neat and orderly.

    – Books may NOT be taken home.

    End of Day Procedures:

    – Retrieve bags, coats, and lunch boxes.

    – Pack your Homework Folder, library book, and lunch box in your backpack.

    -Line up at the door.

    - Walkers and Daycare will be dismissed at 3:46.
    - Car and Bus Riders will be dismissed at 3:51 - Parent may NOT leave cars.  Your student will be brought to you.