• We will be using Prodigy as a supplement to review previously taught material and the practice new concepts. Students will create an account at school, but they can log in from home to play. I will recognize point leaders and percent correct leaders every week with special prizes for the end of each quarter. 
    Parents are encouraged to play with their child (when time permits) and to log on through the parent link to see what progress your child is making. To help conserve our resources here at the school, I we will be writing usernames and passwords on the inside cover of the agenda. I will not be printing progress reports. Parents can always check the progress of their child by logging onto the game itself. 
    We will be using this during one computer lab session per week (40 min) and at least one RTI session per week (25 min). Students are welcome to stay in at recess to play if they wish (with teacher permission.) Please click the link below for quick access. 
    All students have logged into prodigy and should know their name and password. Please email Mrs. Lowery if they cannot log in from home.