• If a student makes lower than a 70 on any assignment (except tests, quizzes, and large projects) they have the opportunity to re-do the work.  I  take the average of the 2 grades and that is what I put in the gradebook.  For example, if a student scores a 50% originally and then chooses to re-do the assignment and makes a 100%, I average the scores and record a 75 in the gradebook.  Please make sure to go through your student's Thursday Folder each week to check for assignments that can be redone.  The re-do work is due by the following Thursday.  It is the student's responsibility to return the work to me.


    **Students can also come in during recess and re-take up to 3 math quizzes per 9 weeks if they score a 70 or below.  The quizzes will also come home each week in Thursday folders and need to be retaken before the following Thursday.  

    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!