• Late Buses?
    **Current as of 04/12/2017** 
    All the staff here at your Moore Public Schools Transportation Department have made it our mission every school year to organize, plan, and route our buses in an efficient and timely manner to make the process of transporting your students to and from their school a seamless and safe journey each and everyday, and its a mission we take very seriously.
    With that being said, it truly gives us no pleasure to have any of our buses running late or to split routes for any reason, as we do understand the impact that it has on our schools, students, and especially patrons. We apologize for any inconvenience and sincerely hope we can count on your patience as we are tirelessly working to lighten the impact caused by any current and future delays.
     We do sincerely appreciate your frustration and most importantly as much patience as you can give. Thank you for your continued understanding in your efforts to work with us during the school year during these 
    *Bus's being Split:
    Have a great summer :) 
    *Bus's running late:
    Only late due to traffic, trains, or Unforeseen Circumstances.
    *Please be aware that split routes(i.e. Bus's) are not running. They will not be transporting students to or from school. Any bus's running late are bus's that covered the split bus's route and will be running at least 20 minutes late and can be expected to be in excess of that time due the unavoidable delays that our bus's encounter daily. 
    Your feedback is always welcome please call 405-735-4070 . For more information on split/late bus's use option #1 after the greeting.