Assignment Policies

  • Sixth grade policy regarding late work:
    1. We expect all assignments to be turned in on the due date.
    2. If a student is absent we will follow district policy. The student has one day per absence to make up the work. After the given time, the assignment is considered late.
    3. When students are absent, an assignment sheet will be filled out for them. It is your child's responsibility to turn in their make up work on time. We will not ask for it. They must also record assignments on their agendas.
    4. Students will be written in the discipline book if they do not have the assignments at the time they are collected. Students will serve recess detention to do their work. 
    5. Students will not be allowed to return to the homeroom to retrieve an assignment, or call for someone to bring an assignment. The assignment will be considered late.
    6. All assignments late by one day are deducted 20 points.  All assignments late by 2 days are deducted 20 points.
    7. Assignments that are three or more days late will have 50% deducted from the grade.
    8.  Students:  Ask the teacher if an assignment can be redone if you make 69% or below.  Redos must be done and turned in no later than one week after receiving the graded paper.