What is the Agenda?

  • *Students will be given a paper agenda for each week.
    *Each teacher gives time each day in each class for students to record the day's work.
    *Teachers will refer to the agenda for future assignments and when changes have been made in the original assignment list.
    *Agendas will be turned in every Monday.  Please note: One parent signature is required.  It counts as 5 bear bucks toward the students' overall bear bucks for the week.

    *It is NOT enough just to write down the assignments.  Students who USE their agendas will almost always have good grades. STUDENTS are encouraged to show their agendas to their parents when discussing homework, upcoming projects, tests, etc.  PARENTS are encouraged to ask to see the agendas and discuss the day with their child.  Your child's agenda is a tool for success in 6th grade!