• Meet Your Teacher
     "No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship." -James Comer
         Hi! My name is Ms. Bentley, and I am very excited to be your teacher. I am looking forward to this amazing journey we get to embark on together! I can't wait to learn all about you, but first I'll tell you a little about me.
         I am Oklahoma born-and-raised. I come from a large family, with an older sister and three younger brothers. My mom is also a teacher, who has taught in the Moore Public Schools district for over twenty years. From my kindergarten days at Sky Ranch Elementary to graduating from Westmoore High School, I am proud to say that I am a product of this district! I have a four year old son named Ryland, and he is my entire heart! When I am not teaching, I am spending time learning and growing with him.
    I attended the University of Central Oklahoma and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education with a focus in Early Childhood. I taught second grade for one year at Southgate-Rippetoe Elementary before staying home with Ryland. Now I am back to doing what I love at a school I genuinely love. This will be my fourth year teaching at Bryant Elementary, and I have found my home! I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to teach another year alongside the amazing teachers and staff at Bryant Elementary. Go Blazers! 
     Ms. Bentley and her son, Ryland!
     Ms. Bentley  
    Ms. Bentley in 2nd grade! 
    Ms. Bentley  
    About Me
    Birthday: March 9th
    Candy: Chocolate
    Food and Drink Dislikes: I really dislike beef, pork, cilantro, and soda. (I know... odd.)
    Drink: Coffeeeeee! I also love iced tea.
    Essential Item: Aquaphor Lip Repair (Chapstick)
    Gold or Silver: Rose Gold
    Hue (Color): Green
    Lemon or Lime: Lime
    Need: I will always need Mr. Sketch Scented Markers, glue sticks, and volunteers. I will also always need coffee!
    Orange or Apple: Honeycrisp apples are my fave!
    Places to Shop: Target, Hobby Lobby, Mardel, and Lakeshore
    Restaurants: Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, and Hideaway Pizza
    Snacks: Chex-Mix, granola bars, and fruit
    T.V. Show: I watch whatever Ryland is watching. Let's just say I watch a lot of Puffin Rock.
    Unique Interests: I love to read! I also really enjoy to cook and bake.