All About Remind!

  • "What is remind and why is it safe?

    Remind is a free, safe, and simple messaging tool that helps teachers share important updates and reminders with students & parents. Subscribe by text, email or using the Remind app. All personal information is kept private. Teachers will never see your phone number, nor will you see theirs.

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    Remind is optional for my class but highly recommended! I recommend that both the student and parent/guardian sign up so the parent/guardian receives the same information as their student. I will be sending out reminders for important dates such as test/quizzes and research project information. Standard messaging rates apply. Parents can sign up to receive the same messages as the students or the parent alone may sign up and receive any reminders sent out. Users do not have the ability to reply to any messages. Parents or students may discontinue service at anytime by replying "unsubscribe."