• Leopards' Book Scavenger Hunt

    Complete this form and as you read a book from these categories this year (not previously), fill out a drawing slip and place it in the box on top of the drop box in the Media Center.  A name will be randomly drawn each week for a prize. Grand prizes will be awarded to students who complete this list by May 4, 2018.  No book may be used for more than one category.  


    Name of Book & author

    Takes place in the 1800’s


    Takes place in Oklahoma


    Is non-fiction about technology


    Involves a train


    Is a biography of a writer/author


    Is a mystery


    Fiction book involving a cat


    Non-fiction government


    About space


    Newbery Award winner




    About amphibians


    Is a manga


    Involves social issues


    Has multiple points of view


    Someone overcomes obstacles


    Is historical fiction


    Character has a disability


    Involves Native Americans


    Is about someone who is alive today


    Happens at school


    Teaches you how to do something


    Is about or is set in Africa


    Has zombies


    Is about, set in, or around a museum


    Is written by Sharon Draper


    About a comedian


    About medicine