• Behavior Clip Chart Information 

     Rules and Expectations  


    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    I would like to introduce you to the behavior clip chart system that we will be using this year. Each student will start with his/her clothespin on “Ready to Learn” each day (the clothespin will display only their number, not their name). Throughout the day, students will be asked to move their clothespin up or down the chart according to their behavior choices. I love this system because if a student makes improved choices after moving their clip down, they will be given a chance to move their clip back up.

    Pink (Role Model)

    This level is reserved for extraordinary behavior, and will not be given out loosely. We want this to remain special; please do not expect your student to reach this level daily. (+5 DOJO Points, a sweet treat, sticky jewel for their clothespin, and a great behavior certificate.)

    Purple (Great Effort)

    Students on purple continue to make excellent choices and have outstanding behavior. (+2 DOJO Points)

    Blue (Good Work)

    Students move their clip to blue for making good choices, trying their best, and showing good character. This is a good level to end the day on! (+1 DOJO point)

    Green (Ready to Learn)

    Students will start at the green level every morning. This is an acceptable level to stay at all day. If students end the day on this level, they did not get in trouble, it just means they didn’t go “above and beyond.”

    Yellow (Slow Down)

    Students move to this level as a reminder that they need to follow the classroom rules, expectations, and/or procedures.

    Orange (Think About It)

    Students move to orange if they continue to have a hard time making good choices. The teacher will choose a logical and meaningful consequence such as loss of recess time, loss of a privilege, or a phone call home. (-1 DOJO Point)

    Red (Parent Contact)

    Students who move their clothespin to red have continued to struggle with their behavior. These students may receive an office referral, have their parents contacted, and also have a logical and meaningful consequence. (-2 DOJO Points) 

    At the end of each day, each student will note his/her color on the behavior calendar located in their Blazer Binder. Please initial your child’s behavior calendar every day! It will be your child’s responsibility to remind you to sign (I know you’re all very busy and may forget to sign every day). Please discuss your child’s behavior with your child.

    If students move their clip to yellow, orange, or red, we will use a code to explain why they moved their clothespin down (the codes will be listed on the behavior calendar). If students move their clip to orange or red, they will be required to fill out a reflection sheet to reflect upon their behavior choices. The reflection sheet will need to be signed and returned the following school day.

    Students will not only earn or lose DOJO points from moving up and down the behavior clip chart, but also depending on their many choices throughout the day. At the beginning of every week, the student’s DOJO points will be reset. At the end of the week, students will have the opportunity to cash in on their DOJO points by purchasing reward coupons. These reward coupons will be treated as cash… if they lose the coupons, they will not be replaced. They will be held responsible for keeping their coupons safe. They’ll be encouraged to place their coupons in their zipper pouch located in their Blazer Binder until they’re ready to cash in their reward.


    Tentative Rewards

    2 DOJO Points

    Weather Reporter

    Line Leader

    Drink Pass

    Tell a Joke

    Bring a Cuddly Friend to School for the Day

    Wear a Hat 

    4 DOJO Points

    Show and Tell

    Lose the Shoes 

    Read to Class 

    Pick a Treat from the Treat Jar 

    6 DOJO Points

    Four Extra Books for Your Book Box

    Sit with Friend (Must continue to work quietly!)

    Swap Desks with a Classmate 

    8 DOJO Points

    Read to Another Class

    No Morning Work (Read or Lexia on iPad)

    Sit with Friend During Lunch

    10 DOJO Points

    Eat Lunch with Ms. Bentley

    Be King or Queen for the Day (Wear a fancy crown, sit at Ms. Bentley’s desk, walk in the front of the line, and play on an iPad during free time.)

    I am looking forward to a great year! Click here if you’d like to know more about our rules and expectations. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

    Ms. Bentley

    For a printable version, click here.