• What is SEARCH?
    Gifted Education Mission Statement:

    Moore Public Schools Gifted Education Program strives to provide appropriate educational experiences and learning environments for children of exceptional academic ability in order to promote the intellectual growth of each individual to his/her fullest potential.

    The gifted education program in Moore includes elementary SEARCH students, junior high honors and pre-AP students, and high school honors, pre-AP, and AP students.

    The elementary gifted students are served in a pull-out program once a week for approximately 2 hours. There are eleven Search sites and teachers. Students at off-campus sites are provided transportation to SEARCH classes. In the elementary program, there is an emphasis on developing research and presentation skills along with critical and creative thinking.SEARCH teachers serve as a resource and continue to offer enrichment options to assist classroom teachers in serving gifted students in the regular classrooms.
    The purpose of the secondary gifted education program is to provide educational opportunities modified in pace, depth, and breadth in individual subject areas.Pre-AP classes are offered in language, math, social studies, and science and the arts. Most of the Pre-Advanced Placement classes have been aligned with the College Board curriculum taught and tested in the Advanced Placements classes.