• Supply List for

    Mr. Manning: Language Arts - 8th Grade –

    Students must provide: a book, your binder and other required materials to class every day.


    Required - Each student will need the following:

    *1 one-inch three-ring binder w/ clear front pocket

    *College ruled loose-leaf notebook paper

    *1 Composition Book (writer's notebook)



    *Pen (blue or black ink only)

    *Red grading pen

    *Divider tabs for binder

    *1 pocket pouch for your binder (to house writing utensils)

    Requested - In addition, I am requesting students bring one of the following items to donate to class:

     1 box of Kleenex

    also needed: 1 pack of pencils

     or 1 pack of colored pencils

     or 1 bottle of Germ-X

    or 1 pack of red pens

    or 1 pack of wet wipes