• Dear families,
    Thank you for donating items to our class.   Your help is encouraging and appreciated.
    Our Classroom Wish List:
    Classroom Store items and AR reward prizes are always needed and
    appreciated by our students. Your support of our classroom and AR store
    promotes classroom expectations and achievement, as well as encourages
    right behavior.  If you'd like to donate, please send items that your child or
    other students would love to purchase with their earned classroom Dolphin
    Dollars.  Students love to buy soda, candy, candy bars, and fun, unique
    classroom pencils, erasers, etc. Students have enjoyed purchasing their
    favorite paperback books too.  Working together, we can make a difference!
    Box Tops for Education - This is free money for our school.  Please ask
    your family and friends to save all the  Box Tops from products that support
    our school.  We have an opportunity each school year to earn up to $20,000
    just by turning in Box Tops from all the qualifying products.  Please gather
    them all school year from family, friends, and neighbors and donate them
    to our class.  Each box top is worth $0.10 and they add up quickly as
    dollars for our school.