• Weekly Assignments


    A spelling list will be sent home on the first day of the week in the Student Home Folder. Spelling tests will be given once every two weeks.  The purpose of my spelling program is to teach word patterns.  Word patterns can then be applied to new words that students encounter.  The final test will be on Friday or the last day of the week.  



    Reading books will be sent home daily on Monday. Please have your child read the story to you. Stop and check for comprehension as you and your child are reading the story together.  Sign the reading log located in your child's binder.  Occasionally, chapter books, science readers, and our social studies book, The Oklahoma Story, are assigned for the reading story.  The reading log signature is due no later than Wednesday morning for a story assigned in our Wonders Reading book, but reading log signatures for chapter books, science readers, and the social studies book will be due on Friday.



    Be sure to practice addition and subtraction facts from 0 to 18 and multiplication flash cards about ten minutes daily. These facts must be memorized or recalled easily in order to build foundations for multiplication and division.  Practice skip counting with your child to enhance their ability to recognize multiples and make math connections.  Please look over all math assignments.  Assignments requesting errors be corrected may be returned by Friday.

    Please help your child earn required quarterly AR points. AR books from the library have green, yellow, and blue stickers on them. Students are always required to have one to two AR books checked out.  A minimum amount of AR points are required each nine weeks. However, your child and I will conference and set a personal AR point goal.  Your child will receive a grade for AR based on reaching their personal AR goal and AR comprehension score.  I take two grades each nine weeks for AR tests.  One grade is based on AR points achieved, and the other grade is based on your child's comprehension score(percentage).  We want the combined comprehension score to be 85% or higher.  You can access the AR list from the Earlywine homepage.

    Please read AR books with your child.  This can be a special time together.  Quiz your child about the AR book as you're reading it together.  Be sure your child knows the main characters, plot (main series of events in the story), and the setting (where it takes place). Use higher level thinking skill questions to quiz your child.  Examples:  What happened after?  How many...?  What is...? Can you name...? Describe..., Name each of the..., What does it mean?, State in your own words.  Which are facts?  Give an example.  Condense this paragraph. Explain what happened.  What part doesn't fit?  Show in a graph.  Which statement supports...  State in one word.  What was the main idea?  Draw a story map.  Clarify why... What would result if...?  Tell how, when, where, why.  Tell how much change there would be...  How would you use...? What is the principle (rule, concept, idea) behind...?  Help you child to compare the story to other similar stories.  Tell how the stories are different.  Have your child relate the story to the real world and to themselves.  


    Folders will be sent home each week. Please review the work with your child. This is your opportunity to Ooh and Ahhh over their work.  A little encouragement goes a long way.  It is also a great time to review concepts and correct errors.  Please sign the folder indicating that you have reviewed/received your child's papers and any important notes from school.  The Thursday folder signature is due the next day.

    If your child receives a 70% or lower on assignments, he/she may correct errors and return within five days of the original assignment date.  If the assignment isn't returned within five days, the original score will be recorded in the grade book.  The corrected assignment's newer score will be averaged with the assignment's original score.