• In first grade, students are graded on a 1-2-3 scale based on their mastery of a given skill. The skills are outlined on the First Grade Report Card. Your child's classroom work will be graded using this scale. 
    1- Does Not Demonstrate  – requires consistent support; performing below grade level
    2- Demonstrates Sometimes – able to complete some work independently; may need help from teacher or peers
    3- Demonstrates Consistently – mastery at an independent level; able to complete all work independently 
    Check                            Star
    If a checkmark or star is on classroom work, it means that I was looking for participation. 
    2nd Semester Grading (January-May) 
    This chart gives an example of how I explained it to them and I will create one to hang up for them to see. Any assignments below a 70 will be available for them to redo; look through their Thursday folders and return any papers the following Friday. I will average the two grades together and send it back.  
     Letter Grade Chart