• Below is our 6th Grade Schedule for the 15-16 School Year:
    8:15 - 8:30        Morning Procedures
    8:30                   Tardy Bell Rings (Students MUST be in class by this time.)
    8:30 - 8:40         School and Classroom Announcements
    8:40 - 9:20         Specials
                               Lowery: Monday - Art, Tuesday - PE, Wednesday - Music, Thursday -PE, Friday - rotate
                               Eagles: Monday - Music, Tuesday - PE, Wednesday - Art, Thursday - PE, Friday - rotate
    9:20 - 9:25         Restroom, drink, transition to 1st period
    9:25 - 10:50       1st period
    10:50 - 12:20     2nd period
    12:20 - 12:45     Lunch
    12:45 - 2:25       3rd Period
    2:25 - 2:50         Recess
    2:50 - 3:06         News and Dismissal 
    3:00 - 3:06          Dismissal and CNN Student News
    Students who are picked up by daycare or buses will be called over the intercom.
    Students who are car riders will be dismissed to the cafeteria at 3:01.
    Students who are walkers are dismissed at 3:06.
    Since we allow for multiple restroom and drink breaks throughout the day, restroom breaks during classroom instruction time are discouraged unless of cases of emergency. Please contact your child's homeroom teacher if this restroom schedule will not fit your child's needs. 
    Attendance is extremely important. Two (2) tardies (the 8:30 bell) will equal one (1) absence. Also, two (2) early checkouts will equal one absence. We do not have tardy "bells" for our classes throughout the day, but your child will be written up in their agenda if they are late to any of their classes unless they have a pass from a teacher. 
    Please click here for more information about Moore's Attendance Policy