• Our homework policy in 5th Grade is firm and in full effect. In 5th Grade we teach responsibility and homework is a great tool to use to influence this skill. When your student is given a piece of homework, unless otherwise directed by the teacher it is due the very next school day. If it is not returned the next day then it is an automatic 15 points off. If it is not back the following day then it is an automatic zero.

    Example: Homework is given to your student on Monday. It is due Tuesday morning in their homeroom class. If it is not turned in at this time, it is an automatic 15 points off when/if it is turned in Wednesday morning. If by Wednesday it is still not turned, in your student will be given a zero on that assignment.   

    As a 5th Grade team we want your students to understand the reason behind homework. We do not give it to them for "busy work" or as a punishment. We want to teach them responsibility while keeping their minds constantly thinking about the material from that day in class. We want them to succeed ALWAYS and homework puts a punch in that ticket to success. If you ahve any questions about our homework policy, please contact me.