Awesome Websites
    Practice School Concepts at Home!
    These websites encourage learning by incorporating educational material into a fun interactive program. Each website is researched based and shown to be academically beneficial.
     MobyMax:  www.mobymax.com/signin/Trump
                       Password:  Students will locate their name on the screen. Once they have clicked their name, they will be prompted to choose two pictures (Each student selected their individual pictures). If your child does not remember the pictures they chose, contact me and I will provide you with the information. 
          Stride is an educational platform that adjusts to your child's academic level. The program asks questions in a multiple choice format. Students earn coins for correct and partially correct answers (if they choose the correct answer after an incorrect choice). The coins can be used towards playing games on the Stride website. This program also tracks student progress.  
                TO LOGIN TO STRIDE, GO TO:   www.stridestart.com 
                      Students will be prompted to sign in with our classroom KCC code.  Our Classroom KCC code is: KCC07530 (Note: you MUST have the "KCC" before the number)
    If there is an error with the KCC code, ensure that your are on the correct website (www.stride.com   for example, NOT www.stride.com/Alabama 
             Your student will find their name and type in their "lunch number" for the password.
    If you forget the password please email me and I will give it to you!
    ABC Mouse
          This websites encourages early literacy skills. Specifically targeting skills for beginning readers while providing fun activities to challenge readers as they become more efficient. 
                 TO LOG IN TO ABC MOUSE, GO TO: www.abcMouse.com
                         Your child will log in with an email and a password. You will need an access code to access ABC Mouse. If you do not have this information, please contact me and I will send it to you!