• This math class is a middle school curriculum and we move quickly. If your child struggles with math it is important they master their math facts. This includes the addition / subtraction facts as well as the multiplication / division facts.  A good way to help you child is through constant drill.  They need to memorize these facts. Each child has been given a text book and has been encouraged to take it home and leave it there as a resource.  Please take time to re-read the lesson taught each day.  This will strengthen learning and comprehension of new concepts.
    Ways to help at home.  (Ways parents can help children everyday with Math)
    * Ask (drill) them on facts.  While driving, see how many they can get correct before the light turns green.
    * When you go shopping, allow your child to estimate the cost of the groceries or clothes that you purchase before the
    total is given.
    * Discuss bargain prices/better buys (eg. 2 for $.80 or 3 for $1)
    * Let your child figure the cost and pay for a purchase and count the change back to you
    * Ask % off questions or estimate how much sales tax will be for items purchased
    * Allow your child to order from a menu at a restaurant (and figure the tip for the family's meal)
    * Have your child compare prices of the same item using the sales paper (eg. Academy vs. Dick's Sporting Goods)
    * Have your child calculate his/her total allowance for the year
    * Have your child find the average cost of groceries for your family for a month (add each week then divide by 4) or
    the average of a utility bill for a year
    * Practice Math Vocabulary or facts in the car on the way to ball practice, the store, while fixing dinner, etc.
    * Help your child research his/her favorite sports figure's average hits, points, rebounds, goals, etc.
    * Let your child help measure the ingredients for a favorite recipe (Hide the 1 cup measuring cup)
    * Let your child help measure material or yarn when sewing/knitting
    * Be creative!!! Use your child's interests and hobbies to find ways to practice using Math in everyday life.