• Thursday Folders – Thursday folders go home every Thursday that we have school. Inside the Thursday folders you will find notes from the school, district, and sometimes other fliers informing you of student programs in which your child can be involved. You will also see your child’s graded papers in the Thursday folders. For each 9 weeks, we ask that the graded papers come back and students file them in their Home Room class, so if there is ever a discrepancy with a grade, they can pull their assignment and validate that they did the work. At the end of the 9 weeks, all their work is sent home for good. We ask that you sign your child’s Thursday folder, as your communication back to us, verifying you are seeing it each week.
    Email – This is the fastest way to communicate with me any questions or concerns you may have. The link to my email is on my homepage.
    Parent Portal – This is an great tool for staying updated on your child’s grades, and for teaching them individual responsibility and accountability. Through Parent Portal you have access to view your child’s progress in each of their core classes. You can see if they have any missing assignments or celebrate how awesome they did on their Math test!  Bring your drivers license to the office and ask for a parent portal password. Once you have signed up, you can view your child's "in progress" grade as soon as the grade is inputted. This is an excellent tool to keep up with your child's grades. Parent portal is also accessible through the Moore schools App for iPhone and Android phones!
    Parent/Teacher Conferences – This is a great time for us to visit over the progress your child is making and to discuss any concerns we may have. As you are aware, Moore began implementing a new online sign-up system for parent teacher conferences. Before the conference date, you receive a notice in your child’s Thursday folder explaining how to register for the conferences online, enabling you to select a time that best suits your schedule. It is a first come, first serve scheduling system, so the quicker you sign up, the more options you have! However, if you do not have internet access, no worries. Simply contact your child’s homeroom teacher and we will assist you in scheduling an appointment.
    Progress Reports - Progress reports go home mid-way between each 9 weeks. Progress grades are not final and are another way for you to monitor your child’s academic performance. Your child has the remainder of the 9 weeks to bring any low grades up. Once the Report Card comes out at the end of the quarter, grades are final. The progress report is a line of communication for us to let you know if your child needs improvement.