• TAREA SEMANAL - Every week you must do one of the following activities each and fill out the questionnaire and have a parent sign.   

    1. Listen to Spanish-language radio (Pandora or batanga) for 30 minutes.

    2. Play a video game in Spanish for one hour. 

    3. Change your facebook language to Spanish and play on Facebook for an hour.

    4. Read a Spanish-language magazine for 30 minutes (may be online). Suggestions: http://www.elgancho.es/index.php http://tuenlinea.esmas.com/ http://caras.esmas.com/ http://www.veintemundos.com/en/library/ http://www.peopleenespanol.com/pespanol/ 10. Read/listen to Spanish news on line. Suggestions: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/ (BBC Mundo) http://mexico.cnn.com/ http://www.unonoticias.com/Home

    5. Read a book in Spanish for 30 minutes

    6. Change your cell phone or mp3 player’s language to Spanish for an entire week.

    7. Read the directions in Spanish of seven items in your house (e.g. detergent).

    8. Read an article about a famous Latino musician or politician in Spanish on Wikipedia.

    9. Compile a list of 30 words involving the profession you hope to have, on 3×5 cards for your review.

    10. Check out children’s books in Spanish from the local library or from the school library.

    11. Textear (Text) in Spanish for 30 minutes with a friend.

    12. Using post-it notes, post-it 10 items in your house that you don’t know the word for and leave it there for a week, then report to me from memory what all the items were. .

    13. Go to youtube.com    type in bookbox Spanish

    Read a bookbox.com Spanish story in English and Spanish.

    14. Go to youtube.com and listen to all of our children’s Spanish songs.

    15. Talk to a friend in Spanish for a half an hour.

    16. Go to señorwooly.com and play around with the Spanish videos with the subtitles always playing. Pop-ups are good, as well.










    NAME: ______________________________


    Hice actividad #_____

    (I did activity #_____)


    Dos cosas que aprendí :

    (Two things I learned:)




    Tuve problemas con:

    (I had problems with:)



    Parent signature: