• 2017-2018 Service Projects
    Members are required to complete 5 service points per semester - at least 3 from two different school sponsored projects.  Points can also be rewarded for individual projects when you perform a service for someone outside your family for which you are not paid.  An ISP (Individual Service Project) form for turning in outside points is linked above.  The form can also be picked up in Ms. Chancey’s room.  These completed forms are to be dropped in the ISP box in Ms. Chancey’s room.  Members are strongly encouraged to keep a record of all earned service points throughout the semester on the Member Service Point Record form linked above.  This form is required to reconcile with chapter records in case of any discrepancies.  
    You will have several opportunities to earn service points at school.  School points will be weighted more that outside service points for awards.  High service point winners will be recognized at the new member induction in the spring.  Current school service opportunities are listed below and other opportunities will be added as they become available.  For current, detailed information about each ongoing project, see Announcements.  Any member that commits to a school service project but does not follow through with the commitment will be placed on probation unless prior notification of the absence is made or in case of emergency.  
    If a member does not meet the 5 point requirement during the first semester, they will be placed on probation for the second semester and expected to make up the missing points, as well as earn the additional points required for the second semester.  Failure to do so will result in dismissal from NJHS.  All service points for the year are due by May 15th.  Because of year end, members cannot be placed on probation, and will be dismissed.

    First Semester: 
    7th Grade LEAP Event - Points have been given to those who worked.  1 point was given to every member who signed in during the training on Friday, 8-11.  Another point was given for members who worked the event on Monday, 8-14.  
    Hats for Houston - Thank you NJHS members who participated and paid $1.00 to wear your hat last Friday, 9-8.  All members who participated and signed in received 1 service point.  Thank you for helping the victims of hurricane Harvey.
    Parents In the Know - Southridge is hosted a parent informational meeting about social media on Monday, October 23rd.  NJHS members served as volunteers to supervise children ages 4 and older in a movie room, game room, art room, and reading/study room and earned 2 service points.
    Veteran's Day - Thank to the members who stayed after school to help prepare stars for Veteran’s Day.  1 point was earned for each day of service.
    Career Day - November 17 – Members will provide refreshments for guests and/or serve as greeters and guides, 1 service point each; refreshment items are due in Ms. Chancey’s room or the counseling center by the end of the day Thursday, November 16th.  Members who are working as greeters and guides please be at school by 7:00.
    Gift Bags for Parmalee Elementary – We are co-sponsoring a service project with Brink Jr High.  Brink is providing gifts for the students, we are providing the medium sized gift bags (at least 12”x12”) and wrapping tissue.  Members can earn 1 point for every three bags donated and 1 point for every 2 packages of wrapping tissue, for up to 3 total points.  Bags and tissue are due by December 1st.  
    Sonic Gift Card Fundraiser – Beginning November 27th, members will be selling donated Sonic Community Gift Cards. The cards have several discounts and specials and will sell for $5 each.  Pick up your cards in Ms. Chancey’s room.  Each member must sell at least two cards and will receive 1 service point for every two cards sold, for up to 3 points total.  All money is due by December 18th.  
    Stocking Stuffers for Santa’s Cause - Our final service project for the first semester will be stuffing stockings for charity.  Plan to pick up a stocking at the December meeting/party.  You will then stuff it with $10 worth of gifts, and return to Ms. Chancey by Dec 15th.  If you check out a stocking but do not return it, you will be expected to purchase the stocking with a $5 donation to NJHS.  Stockings will be delivered to Santa’s Cause, a charitable organization located in north OKC, on Monday, December 18th.  Check out their website at santascause.com
    Second Semester: