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    Thanksgiving Lessons

    Thanksgiving Lesson Plans from a Native American Perspective

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    Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair
    Oklahoma Native Youth Language Fair! 
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    Native American Language department of the Sam Noble Museum hosts the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair. Hundreds of pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade Native American language students participate in judged written and oral performance categories that celebrate the use of native languages in traditional and modern ways. 
    Complimentary admission.
    These are the 2018 categories of performance each divided by grade level:


    • Spoken Native American Language (PreK – 12th)

    • Spoken Native American Language in Prayer (PreK – 12th)

    • Traditional Song in Native American Language (PreK – 12th)

    • Modern Song in Native American Language (PreK – 12th)

    • Book & Literature (PreK – 12th)

    • Cartoons & Comic Books (PreK – 12th)

    • Spoken Poetry in Native American Language (PreK – 12th)

    • Poster Art on Theme: "Creating a New Generation of Speakers" (PreK – 12th)

    • Film/Video (3rd – 12th)

    • Language Masters/Master Performance (3rd – 12th)

    • Language Advocacy Essay (English) (9th – 12th)