• Math Facts Fluency Blast

    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    This year we will be using the Math Facts Fluency Blast set to help master our addition and subtraction facts from 0-12. The Math Facts Fluency Blast is set-up to help students reach the goal of being fluent with their math facts in a fun and encouraging way. It includes math center fluency activities for students to practice and build their mastery throughout the week, an intervention option to help students who might need some more T.L.C., a student tracking sheet to keep students moving forward, and some rocket rocking rewards to celebrate mastery of the math facts. 
    Flashcards for all addition and subtraction facts from 0-12 will be provided to your child. You will find the flashcards in your child's Blazer Binder. Every child will begin on adding 0's and work their way up to adding 12's. Once they've mastered addition, they'll move on to subtraction.
    During the first week of Math Facts Fluency Blast, your child will be speed tested on adding 0's, 1's, and 2's. Thereafter we will test every Friday. Students will be given one minute to complete 20 facts. A student has "mastered" a fact if they are able to complete the speed test with 75% accuracy (15 out of 20 facts). Once they have mastered adding 0's, they'll move on to adding 1's, and so on. If your child doesn't master the speed test, they may test again the next week until they've mastered the fact they're working on. When they pass a speed test, they are ready for the next speed test. 
    Students have the responsibility of tracking their progress using a "Soar the Facts" tracking sheet (located in your child's Blazer Blinder). This tracking sheet helps to motivate students by providing a visual goal. They're able to visualize themselves reaching the goal of mastering all of the math facts fluently. Once they have completed "Adding Through the Galaxy" and "Subtracting Through the Galaxy," they'll receive a certificate. Once they have "completed their mission" and have mastered all facts, they'll receive a rocket crown, a sweet treat, and a certificate.
    I love Math Facts Fluency Blast because students may work at their own pace. I know that all students are not alike; therefore, I am able to differentiate speed tests. I think this will motivate students to learn their addition and subtraction facts, while having fun! 
    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!
    Ms. Bentley