•  RED RIBBON 2017
    October 23rd - 27th 

    Find Your Natural High - We want every student and teacher to discover and share their natural high, something that you love and are passionate about.  It's whatever brings you joy in life and it can be different for everyone.  Some examples are sports, art, dance, being outdoors, being with family or friends, traveling, music, animals, fitness, etc.  What's your natural high??

    Each student may submit one entry to share their Natural High. We want you to submit a photo representing your natural high and you.  For example, if your natural high is playing the drums bring us a picture of you playing the drums. Same thing if it is soccer, or writing, or archery, etc. Please use your imagination and creativity.  We will put the photos up on our bulletin board outside the counseling center.  Entries can be turned in any time tomorrow through next Tuesday.  Please drop them off in the Counseling Center. 

    There will be LOTS of prizes given out! Everyone who participates will have their name entered in a drawing and we will draw many, many names.  Be sure to write your name and your social studies teacher's name and hour on the back of your entry.  The social studies class with the highest participation will receive a class prize and the class will get to determine what it is - pizza party, donut party, etc.  We will also have special activities on the patio during the week (with music).

    Please visit naturalhigh.org to learn more about an organization that is inspiring young people to discover, amplify, and pursue their natural high so they have a reason to say no to drugs and alcohol.  Today, Natural High reaches over 8 million youth across our country.  

    Have fun discovering your natural high!!!