• Class Dojo  
    Discipline Plan 

    Class Dojo: 

    Students begin their week at zero points.  During the course of the week, students can earn or lose points based upon behavior choices. Negative behavior will result in a loss of one point and positive behavior earns one point.  If the negative behavior continues, I may have a private conversation with the student, the student may lose privileges, the family may be contacted, and the student will receive an Eagle Code MarkIf the student receives 10 or more Eagle Code Marks in one 9 week session, the student loses the privilege to go to the Eagle Code Party at the end of the 9 week session, as well as a conference with one of the principals.  Class Dojo gives the students an opportunity to make better choices, as well as recognize hard-working responsible students.

    The purpose of Class Dojo is to inform you of your child's behavior at school that day as well as informing you of important school information. By signing up with Class Dojo, I know that an adult has been informed of the child's behavior, positive or negative.  This interaction will allow us to work together to promote positive behavior at school.  We have three rules that we follow. 1) I am Respectful 2) I am Responsible 3) I am Ready to Learn. Students will get one warning. If they proceed to disobey then there will be further consequences.