17-18 Team Parent Meetings

    January Meeting
    • STEAM Presentation Thursday, February 8th MNTC 6-8 pm

      • We will end practice at 5:30 to go set up at MNTC
      • students will need rides there and back
      • we are bringing our table and robots
    • State Tournament Feb 16-17 Students are excused from school Friday to attend

      • Parents can stay Friday or not.  If you are not staying, please leave the student money for lunch or have them pack a lunch.
      • if you are not staying, please be on time to pick them up at 5pm
      • I will give out the schedule at the parent meeting Thursday 2/1/18
    • CREATE US Open Championship April 2-4

      • More information will be given at the meeting
      • Students will be excused Monday through Thursday for travel time
    October Meeting
    We discussed a team t-shirt.  The kids came up with a design.  One of our parents will be creating the shirts and sweatshirts to order the week of November 2nd.
    The kids also asked to work on Tuesdays til 5pm so we are adding that to the schedule starting in November.
    I have an information sheet for the next 2 tournaments click here
    Please fill out the following form and return it to the coaches by the 16th.  parent release form
    We will need volunteers for our tournament at Southridge on December 9th.  We will need people to help go to businesses and get food items for the volunteer hospitality room.  If we get a variety of items, that would be great.
    May 8th 2017
    We will discuss the needs of the team and answer any questions you may have. 
    If you cannot make the meeting - don't worry - here is the basics
    New game introduction
    explanation of volunteer sign up and snacks -

    Volunteer opportunities for "Parent Helper - Meetings" are now open.

    Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn't work) to go to the signup sheet:

    Parent Helper during meetings: 

    Snack Volunteer sign up:
    Donation Packet - if you or someone you know wants to donate - click here 
    Explanation of Saturday tournaments