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    From the Media Center Website, click on Card Catalog.  Click on Follett Shelf; then click on eBooks and select an option:

    •   “Open” in Follett Shelf to just read it, but no guarantee it will be available when you try to open it again to continue reading.
    •   “Check Out” from Follett Shelf so only you can read it and it will open up as long as book is checked out to you
    The following eBooks are currently available.


    1. Everything I Was

    2. Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best-Friend Must Do in Europe

    3. From Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between

    4. I Want to Live

    5. Lay-ups and Long Shots: An Anthology of Short Stories

    6. Wormling series, books 1-5

    If you have any problems, please let Mrs. Johnson know.  Thank you.