Degrees and Certifications:


Make good choices.

Use kind words.

Show respect to others.

Immediately follow all directions.

Care for instruments and materials.


Rewards for positive behavior!!!

* Pencil Cup: Every Friday I pick one deserving boy or girl to pick a pencil out of the cup. Several pencils have a $1 bill taped to them(my own money). It's just a matter of luck, but even if they don't end up with a dollar, they still get an awesome pencil.

*Winter and Spring parties: Each class is trying to get the most check marks on the reward chart out of their grade level.  They are earned by entering class correctly, no one getting a time out, and lining up correctly.  If all three points are earned, they get a check mark for their class. Whoever has the most by the end of each semetser, gets a music "free day" where they vote on what music activities they get to do.

*Dojo: I have been invited to Dojo by the homeroom teachers and I will be adding points as I see positive behaviors taking place!


Consequences for incorrect behavior:

1st Offense: Warning

2nd Offense: Time out or alternate assignment.

3rd Offense: Call to parents and email to homeroom teacher.

4th Offense: Referral(parents and principal are notified and involved)