• Drop Box instructions:

    Android Phone:

    Download Dropbox from Google Play

    Sign in using : soonermike19@cox.net


    Click files

    Choose a file that describes your pictures

    Click the + sign (bottom right corner)

    click upload photos

    Select photos from your gallary

    Click upload (botom right corner)

    To go back to files list click on the 3 rectangles (top right)

    Click files to see list of files to pick from




    Download Dropbox from App Store

    Sign in using: soonermike19@cox.net


    select file to describe pictures

    Click + (bottom middle, in blue circle)

    select photos from your gallary 

    Click upload photos

    select photos

    select next (top right)

    select upload (top right)

    to go back to file list select files (top left or on the bottom next to +sign)