Accelerated Reader

  • Accelerated Reader is tailor-made to every child, meeting his or her needs at just the right pace. Each child has an individualized reading range and goal to work toward, and everyone can be successful!!! The kids love to read, and the teachers and parents love for them to read!!!

    Accelerated Reader helps our students focus on careful and critical reading of excellent children's literature that has been carefully matched to each child's appropriate reading level.
    Students choose their own books from their reading range. When ready, they take a short quiz on the computer. The children get immediate feedback on the results of their quiz, and I can monitor their progress through the computer program software. Points are awarded to the students based on the quiz score, as well as the length and difficulty of the book read.
    Our library has many AR books which may be checked out.  Students may go to the library to check out a new book after completing the quiz. You may also check them out at the Moore Public Library. I hope you will read nightly with your child. Thanks for supporting your child in reading!!!