Readers Are Leaders

  • At Kingsgate, our students participate in Accelerated Reader. When your child reads a book they are able to take a test on that book and earn AR points. This will be a large part of my class this year. Students will be given an AR Goal each 9 weeks and they will be expected to reach that goal. Please encourage your child to read read read. As they read they build vocabulary, fluency, and I hope a good habit! :)  When students reach their goal, they will be rewarded at our quartly AR party! Trust me, they will want to reach that goal in order to join us! :) 


    *** If you were to find a book in the bookstore or in another library, you can jump on to this website to check its level and point value!



    1st 9 Weeks: October 17th

    2nd 9 Weeks: December 19th

    3rd 9 Weeks: March 8th

    4th 9 Weeks: May 21st


    If you have any questions about AR please contact me by email.