• Daily Schedule is subject to change due to some conflicts, so some days we bend to be flexible. :)

    8:45-9:15  Morning Procedures; Bell Rings @ 9:15, and students should be in the classroom ready to start their day.  Anoouncements begin.

    9:20-9:40      RTI

    9:40-11:00    Reading Workshop

    11:00-11:20   Writer's Workshop

    11:20-11:45   Lunch          

    11:45-12:15   Recess

    12:15-12:30   Math Fact Practice

    12:30-1:15     Math Envision 2.0 Lesson (Library on Tuesday @ 12:30-1:15) Math Envision 2.0 Will start @ 1:15 on Tuesday and take the place of the next block, Math Games.)

    1:15-2:15      Math Activities, RTI, STEM, Art (Skip this bllock on Tuesday.)

    2:15-2:55     Specials    A Day is Music/ B Day is Technology/ C Day is P.E./ D Day is P.E.

    2:55-:15       Teacher Read Aloud Book Time during the Snack Time.   Your child may bring a snack of their choice,and  be very aware that we have student that are allergic to tree nuts.

    3:15-3:45     Science/Social Studies

    3:45             Pack/ Stack/ Clean

    Second Grade Students go to their Dismissal Procedure Teachers

    3:46             Cars only go out Back Side Door

    3:49             Biker/Walker go out Front Door

    3:51             School Bus, Daycare Bus, and Camp Bobcats wait in the cafeteria.