• Mrs. Ratliff’s 2017-2018

    Second Grade Schedule

    9:00-9:25----------Morning Work/Rise and Shine Activities                                                                 

     Announcements and Tardy Bell are @ 9:15

    9:25-9:40-----------Reading to Self/Good Fit Reading for Stamina

    9:40-9:55-----------Morning Meeting

    9:55-10:20---------Whole Group

    10:20-10:50-------Spelling and Learning Stations  



    11:50-12:10-------Read Aloud

    12:10-1:30--------Math (Tuesday Library12:45-1:25)

    1:30-2:15---------Writer’s Workshop


    2:55-3:25----------Science and Social Studies

    3:25-3:40----------Closing Circle

    3:40-3:45 ---------Pack and Stack

    Dismissal:   3:46----------First Bell-----car riders go out the back doors to car pick up area

                           3:49----------Second Bell---walkers and bikers go out front doors

                           3:51----------Third Bell-----school buses & daycare buses go out front doors

                           3:51----------Third Bell-----Bobcat aftercare go to cafeteria