Estimating Sums

April 30-May 1



    Monday 4/30 - Ken Ken Roller Skating Puzzle

    Tuesday 5/1- Computer Lab Star test/ (Minecraft Coding)

    Wednesday 5/2 - Rockin' Ratios OERB

    Thursday 5/3 -  Rockin' Ratios OERB/Star Test

    Friday 5/4 -  Math Centers/IPAD   MRS. RAINEY is OUT this day.

    Monday 5/7 - Review Worksheets  MRS. RAINEY is OUT this day.

    Tuesday 5/8Field Trip to Science Museum of Oklahoma

    Wednesday 5/9 - Rockin' Ratios OERB

    Thursday 5/10 -  Rockin' Ratios OERB

    Friday 5/11 -  Math Centers/IPAD  STAR WARS DAY!!! MRS. RAINEY is OUT this day. 

    To log into coding your child can go to  Then they need to type in the code (VGMXMR Rainey's Class)

    (MQKGVK for Madrid's Class) or (NTDBXJ for McElhaney's Class).