5th Grade Economy

5th Grade Classroom Economy

  • Classroom Economy

    In 5th grade we do a classroom economy.  Just like in the real world your child gets paid (in fake money) for doing their job, which is coming to school.  Additionally, they are required to pay rent with the money they earn on the desks they borrow during the day.  They earn more money by having additional jobs, and earning Class Dojo points for good behavior.  The students maintain and balance their checking account. At the end of each month we have a 5th grade class Store and Auction.  This allows the students to use their classroom money to purchase real tangible items.  The auction has larger items, and the store has smaller items.  Your child will have to make real world decisions such as saving up money to purchase their desk so they do not have to pay rent, or to purchase larger items.  After purchases students are required to fill out a check for their purchase and rebalance their check registers. This is something we do to encourage recognition of the value of money, while teaching students life lessons about how an economy works.