• Wonders Unit 2 Week 5 (11/13-12/1)
    1. behave- to act in a certain way
    2. flapping- moving up and down
    3. express- to say or show
    4. feathers- the soft, light covering of a bird
    5. poem- a form of writing that expresses imagination or feelings
    6. rhythm- the repeating accents, or beats in a poem
    7. rhyme- having the same ending sounds
    8. word choice- the use of rich, colorful, exact words
    Wonders Unit 2 Week 4 (11/6-11/10)
    1. adult- a person who is fully grown
    2. alive- having life; living
    3. covered- put over or on top of
    4. fur- the hair on an animal
    5. giant- very large
    6. groom- to make clean and neat
    7. mammal- a type of animal with fur that gives milk
    8. offspring- the young of an animal
    Wonders Unit 2 Week 3
    1. buried- covered up or hidden
    2. escape- to get away
    3. habitat- the place where an animal lives
    4. journey- a long trip
    5. nature- the part of the world not made by people
    6. peeks- looks quickly
    7. restless- always wanting to move
    8. spies- catches sight of
    Wonders Unit 2 Week 2 (October 23-27)
    1. believe- to think something is true
    2. delicious- good to taste
    3. feast- to eat very well
    4. fond- enjoying a great deal
    5. lessons- things to be taught or learned
    6. remarkable- not ordinary; wonderful
    7. snatch- to grab quickly
    8. stories- tales of things that have happened
    Wonders Unit 2 Week 1 (October 9-13)
    1. adapt- to become used to a place or thing
    2. climate- the weather in a place over a long time
    3. eager- wanting to do something
    4. freedom- the ability to move or be free
    5. fresh- new; not spoiled
    6. sense- a feeling
    7. shadows- dark areas made by blocking light
    8. silence- a lack of sound
    Wonders Unit 1 Week 5 (October 2-6)
    1. check- to see if something is correct
    2. choose- to pick something out
    3. chores- small jobs
    4. cost- the price of something
    5. customers- buyers at a store or business
    6. jobs- work done for pay
    7. spend- to pay money
    8. tool- things to work with
    Wonders Unit 1 Week 4
    1. allowed- having permission to do something
    2. care- close and kind attention
    3. excited- feeling very happy and eager
    4. needs- things one must have
    5. roam- to wander
    6. safe- away from harm
    7. wandered- moved here and there
    8. wild- an area where animals run free
    Wonders Unit 1 Week 3 (test 9/22)
    1. decide- to make up your mind
    2. different- not alike
    3. friendship- the feeling of being friends
    4. glance- to look at quickly
    5. proper- correct
    6. relationship- a connection between people
    7. stares- looks at for a long time
    8. trade- to give one thing in return for something
    Wonders Unit 1 Week 2 (test 9/15)
    1. aside- on or to one side
    2. culture- the way of life for a group of people
    3. fair- equl and just for all sides
    4. invited- asked to come
    5. language- the speech of a group or people
    6. plead- to make a request
    7. scurries- moves quickly
    8. share- to divide and give to others. 
    Wonders Unit 1 Week 1
    1. actions- things that someone or something has
    2. afraid- to be scared of something
    3. depend- you need or count on someone
    4. nervously- in a fearful or restless way
    5. peered- looked hard or closely at something
    6. perfectly- in the best possible way
    7. rescue- to save something or someone from danger
    8. secret- private or not known by many people