• Wonders Unit 4 Week 4 (2/20-3/2)
    1. ashamed- feeling sorry for doing something wrong
    2. boast- to brag
    3. dash- to run or hurry
    4. holler- to shout
    5. plenty- enough of something
    6. similarities- ways things are alike
    7. victory- a win
    8. wisdom- good judgment in knowing what is right
    Wonders Unit 4 Week 2 (2/2-2/9)
    1. active- lively, busy
    2. earth- the planet we live on; ground or land
    3. explode- to blow up
    4. island- land surrounded by water
    5. local- in a certain place or neighborhood
    6. properties- qualities of something
    7. solid- firm and hard
    8. steep- having a very sharp slope
    Wonders Unit 4 Week 1 (1/29-2/2)
    1. eerie- strange and scary
    2. growth- the act of growing, something that grows
    3. layers- levels or folders on top of each other
    4. lively- full of life or energy
    5. location- a certain place or position
    6. region- a large area
    7. seasons- one of four parts of a year
    8. temperate- not too hot or too cold
    Wonders Unit 3 Week 5 (1/22-1/26)
    1. cheered- shouted with happiness
    2. concert- a musical program
    3. instrument- an object that makes music
    4. movements- actions that make motion
    5. music- a group of sounds that make songs
    6. rhythm- the repeating sounds in order
    7. sounds- things that can be heard
    8. understand- to know or get the meaning
    Wonders Unit 3 Week 4 (1/16-1/19)
    1. damage- harm that makes something less useful
    2. dangerous- not safe
    3. destroy- to break apart completely
    4. event- something that happens
    5. harsh- rough or unpleasant
    6. prevent- to stop from happening
    7. warning- a notice given due to danger
    8. weather- the condition of the air
    Wonders Unit 3 Week 3 (1/8-1/12)
    1. across- from one side to the other
    2. borrow- to take and return later
    3. countryside- the land outside of cities and towns
    4. ideas- thoughts
    5. insists- to demand
    6. lonely- far away from places
    7. solution- the answer to a problem
    8. villages- small groups of houses