Syllabus signature due: Monday, AUGUST 28, 2017


    Dear Parents and Students:

    Welcome to 7th grade reading. We have extremely high expectations for all students and we believe that every student has the ability to reach their educational goals. We are very excited about this upcoming year. We love to teach and work with middle school students. This will be an incredible year of learning here at Moore West Junior High!

    If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please feel free to contact me.  

    School: 405-753-4620 between the hours of 7:15-2:45 P.M.

        Email: brittanycrook@mooreschools.com. juligatlin@mooreschools.com, kyliegibbons@mooreschools.com, cindysigmen@mooreschools.com



    7th grade ELA team                                  

    7th grade Language Arts Required Supplies (due by August 28th) - A PENCIL is required everyday.

    1. 2 package of notebook paper
    2. 1 pocket folders with brads (thick plastic folder lasts all year)
    3. 1 box of Kleenex
    4. 1 Composition book
    5. 1 package of multicolored ink pens
    6. 1 yellow highlighter
    7. Each class will be asked to bring one additional item that will be stated on the first day


    Classroom Goal

    My goal for our class is for the students  to reach their full potential by reading and writing fluently. The 7th grade standards can be found on the Oklahoma State Department of Education website at http://sde.ok.gov/sde/language-arts.


    Classroom Expectations and Management

    Any behavior, which jeopardizes anyone’s safety, will be handled accordingly with administration.

    Class Expectations


    • Do NOT interfere with anyone’s learning
    • Accept responsibility for actions
    • Treat others with dignity and respect


    7th grade Language Arts Disciplinary Steps for breaking any of the class expectations

    1. Warning
    2. One on one conversation with student(s)

         EX: One minute after the bell or hallway discussion

    1. Detention/community service
    2. Guardian contact (phone call, e-mail, etc.)
    3. Guardian/teacher/student conference
    4. Office referral 


    If an unfinished assignment is taken home, then it must be turned in the following day to earn full credit. Assignments that will be completed at home are the reading of a novel with a novel assignment/genius hour assignment that is due every three weeks and essay writing.



    If a student is caught the first time cheating or plagiarizing, he/she will be assigned a correction assignment for half the grade. The second time, a zero will be assigned. There will not be an opportunity to replace the grade.  


    Extra Credit

    Extra credit opportunities will be given throughout the semester.  The students will be informed of these opportunities in class. Also, any time a student goes beyond what is asked, he/she will have the opportunity to earn bonus points. Extra credit assignments will NOT be given individually.

    Late Work

    Students will have plenty of time to complete assignments and turn in on time.  If they choose to turn in an assignment one day late, then they will receive 10 points deducted. Past one day late, if the student chooses to complete the assignment, no higher than a 70% will be assigned. Late work will not be accepted past posted progress reports.



    Textbooks and classroom novels will be provided in class and may be checked out as needed.


    District Grading Scale

    90-100% = A

    80-89% = B

    70-79% = C

    60-69% = D

    Below 60% = F

    Grading Procedure

    Introductory/Participation   20%

    Practice 50%

    Assessment/Mastery 20%

    Final 10%


    Book Talks/Novel Assignments

    Students will be responsible for reading outside of school. Every 3 weeks, students will be assessed on their outside reading through completing a novel assignment/genius hour.


    Redo Assignments

    Any assignment that receives 60% or below can be redone for a higher grade.  Re-doing the assignment is a choice. The re-do assignment will receive the higher of the two grades.

    If a student needs additional help, he or she may schedule a time for a reteach or additional support on an assignment with the teacher.



    All tardies to class will be accounted for on parent portal. Every two tardies count as one absence. Only ten absences are allowed per semester to earn the academic credit.The Moore West Junior High’s tardy policy will be followed:

    1st tardy – grace

    2nd tardy – warning

    3rd – detention

    4th – detention and parent communicated

    5th – office referral