• Grading Scale for Second Grade:

    89.5---------100       A

    79.5---------89.4      B

    69.5---------79.4      C

    59.5---------69.4      D

    59.4 and Below     F


    Students will get letter grades for Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. They will also be graded on an E, S, N, U grading scale for Art, Technology, PE, and Music.



    Students may redo daily class work for an improved grade. Any daily assignment that receives below a 75% can be corrected and returned for an average grade of the original assignment and the redone assignment. Students must mark redo on the top or let me know as they give the redone assignment to me in my hands.


    Parents, you can see your child's grades throughout the year on Parent Portal. To connect on Parent Portal, our counselor Mrs. Garrett will set you up. Please email her at stephaniegarrett1@mooreschools.com to get signed up!!


    Below is a link to Parent Portal



    Please let me know if you have any questions!!