Our Schedule

  •   9:00-9:20          Bellwork     

      9:20-10:00        Specials (PE, Music, or Art)

    10:00-11:35        Bathroom Breaks and Homeroom Math.

    11:35-12:35        Dr. Schook's class math. (My homeroom goes to Mrs. Wilson's class).

    12:35-1:00          Lunch

      1:00-1:25          Bathroom Breaks and finish math with Dr. Schook's class.

      1:25-1:55          RTI time

      1:55-3:10          Mrs. Wilson's class math. (My homeroom goes to Dr. Schook's class).

      3:10-3:35          Recess

      3:35-3:45          Clean up and pack up for the day.

      3:45-4:00          Dismissal