What are P R O C E D U R E S?

    Procedures are what we expect our students to DO. 

    We have a procedure in place for everything so our students can be successful this year.


    5th Grade Procedures


    When students arrive, they are to:

    • Fill out their agenda
    • Bring their agenda to me to be signed
    • Get started on morning work in their morning work notebooks
    • Pack up and be ready to switch

    Students must remain in their seats during this time. 


    End of the Day

    • Put all materials away that are on the desks (if we used any that day).
    • Stack the chairs.
    • Clean up the floor. We need to take care of our classroom.
    • Put trash cans in the hallway.
    • Wait to be dismissed. The bell does not dismiss them. 



    Lining Up/Transitioning

    • Line up in order.
    • When lining up, do it silently.
    • When we are switching classes, there is no talking in the hallways. 
    • When we are walking down to lunch, there is no talking in the hallways
    • When we are lining up for recess, they are 30 seconds to get in their correct line. 



    • Students must sharpen pencils at the beginning of class. After that, the sharpener may not be used.
    • There are pre-sharpened pencils for them just in case their pencil breaks.
    • If their pencil breaks, there is a dull bucket they deposit their pencil into and they pick up a sharp one. 



    • Library privileges are only given after all work is complete. 
    • Computers can only be used with teacher's permission.
    • All sites or apps must be school appropriate and approved by a teacher. 
    • BYOD- Only after asking a teacher's permission and at the correct time.


    Absent Work

    • Your student is responsible for asking for their absent work. 
    • I have 109 students. It is nearly impossible for me to keep track of everyone. 


    Late/Missing Work

    • 1 day late = 10 points off. 
    • 2 days late = 20 points off.
    • After the 3rd day, the student will be expected to complete the assignment at recess. Grades for the assignment will be given at teacher's discretion.
    • Late projects and/or essays will be graded and accepted at teacher discretion. 



    • I have two classroom iPads that students are able to use for AR tests, Prodigy, researching, or other classroom purproses. 
    • Students are to treat these iPads as if they are their own personal iPads. 
    • Any misuse of the iPads will result in student not being able to use them. 



    • We have scheduled bathroom breaks throughout our day. 
    • All other bathroom trips will be a teacher discretion.



    • If another teacher, adult, or student enters the room, students are to be silent
    • During drills/emergencies, students are to be silent.