• Utopia English Final Project



    Step One Helpful Hints: 

    Figurative Language= things like simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopeia, hyperbole, etc. (See figurative language notes for more help) 

    Imagery/descriptive language= tell me what your utopia looks like, smells like, sounds like, feels like, and/or tastes like (like food etc.) describe things to appeal to the five senses! 


    Step Three Helpful Hints: 


    Only answer two of the eight questions offered to you. 

    3 points minimum= Three bullet points( • full sentece here) each with a minimum of a full sentence beside it. Each of the questions you answer should have its own three sentences. Your answers must make sense and have a reason that goes with your utopian society. Do not just give random answers. 


    Step Four Helpful Hints:

    Answer the three brainstorm questions on a piece of notebook paper, not on your foldable. 

    Use your answers from the brainstorm to write a 7 sentence minimum diary entry as a person living within your utopian society. Try to include your answers to the brainstrom questions in your diary entry in some way. Have your person talk about whether they are happy within your society or not and why (this is where you could include some information about the laws of your government). Remember that you should use first person point of view. Ex: "Dear Diary, 

                    Today, I woke up depressed. It is Choosing Day tomorrow and I am not ready to leave childhood behind. I am to be chosen by a             Community. I am scared that I will get Labor. I do not want to spend the rest of my life laboring in the heat of the fields......" Etc. 

    Remember, you are writing as someone ELSE. It should not be you. Once you have it the way you like it, copy the final draft onto the back of your foldable. 


    Step Six Helpful Hints: 

    Choose ONE of the poem types and write it on a lined piece of paper first. When you have it written the way you like, copy the final draft onto the right outside flap of your foldable. 


    Step Seven Helpful Hints:

    If you do not have a highlighter at home, underline the requirements it tells you to highlight and ask me for a highlighter on Monday (12/18) and I will let you highlight quickly before you turn your project in. 




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