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    Entry into any of the following contests will automatically enter you into a drawing to win a $250.00 VISA Gift Card.


    If your student wins the drawing, you will be awarded a $500.00 VISA Gift Card.

     The SPRING 2018 drawing will be held in May 2018.


         Lung Health -  ENTRIES DUE MARCH 30, 2018

    CREATE A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (PSA).  Your PSA can come in the form of a video, a poster or a press release. Be as creative as possible – this may include interviewing family members and friends. Your PSA should do the following: 1. Alert family and friends of the things that put them at higher risk for developing lung cancer.  For more info., go to https://nie.newsok.com/educators/curriculum/lung-health-2018/



     This program focuses on Pet and Wildlife Stewardship!  Complete any of the activities embedded in the student workbook and/or lesson plans and submit your work. Create a poster that describes a species native to Oklahoma, create a public service announcement that can act as a checklist for pet owners to ensure their pet’s safety in the event of an emergency, write an essay on why keeping wild animals as pets is a bad idea, research a career working with animals and create a poster that highlights your chosen career and why you would be great at it or outline a project that would make a difference for animals in your community!  For more info., go to https://nie.newsok.com/educators/curriculum/cause-for-paws/



    SCAVENGER HUNT: The number of jobs available in the state of Oklahoma, that exist within the Aerospace & Defense Industry, is growing every day.  Often, we think about the more obvious positions within this industry, pilots and aircraft mechanics, but the number and types of careers available might surprise you. Ask students to submit their answers to the Aerospace Scavenger Hunt.

    WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY: Ask students to research and identify a woman in the United States that has made a significant contribution to the Aerospace & Defense Industry.  Students should focus on that woman’s life in terms of her background, education, career and specific contributions to the industry. To successfully complete this activity, students will need to do the following: 1) Identify and properly cite 3 credible resources (encourage students to use newspaper articles, interviews, video footage, etc. – their focus should not be on internet articles alone and at least one resource should be a Primary Resource) and 2) Create and submit a Powerpoint Presentation that is 5 – 7 slides in length.  For more info., go to https://nie.newsok.com/aerospace2017/


                                            Eskimo Joes teacher contest

    To nominate a favorite teacher, click on this link as he/she could win $100 and free Joe's fries for 1 year!  YUM!    Eskimo Joe's Teacher Nomination