• Parent reading
    1.  It's fun.
    2.  It keeps your imagination active.
    3.  It strengthens your relationships with the children in your life who read.
    4.  It sets an example for the children in your life, making them more likely to become readers.
    5.  It clues you in on cultural references that you may have missed (both current and classical).
    6.  It's fast.  Children's books are usually shorter than adult books, so if you don't think you have time to read, you DO have time to read children's books..
    7.  It allows you to read across genres. Children's books aren't limited to mystery OR science fiction OR fantasy OR literary fiction.  They can have it all.
    8.  It's like time travel - it's an easy way to remember the child that you once were, when you first read a book.
    9.  It's often inspirational - reading about heroes and bravery and loyalty makes you want to be a better person.  And couldn't we all do with some of that?
    10. Did I mentional that it's fun?               .....by Jen Robinson