Dear Parent(s) / Guardian:


                Welcome to Sixth Grade.  My name is Mrs. Chapin and I will be your child’s  Science & Social Studies Teacher.  I am looking forward to an exciting school year with them.  I have lots of wonderful things planned for this year.  We will be learning by doing hands-on activities.  Therefore, it is very important that they are in school as much as possible.  I will be stressing understanding, thinking, and application of our learning to real world situations. 


                Students will be actively exploring problems that are motivating and meaningful.  They will be working with computers, Science equipment and other tools.  Students will be working individually and in small groups where they will discuss their ideas and questions.  Students will be encouraged to make interpretations, generalizations, and to evaluate their experiences.  The end result of this instruction will be thinking students who are excited about learning and who are able to solve problems and who feel confident about themselves as learners.


      Homework will be anything the student does not finish in class.  Your child will be required to write the daily work and whether they finished the work or not in their agenda.  You are asked to sign their agenda nightly.   


                When students are excessively absent from school or are pulled from class on a regular basis, they are missing valuable experiences.  In an activity based program, it is difficult for students to “make up” work at home.  Learning results from the activities in class.  All students must have excellent attendance in order to receive the quality education they deserve. 


                I encourage you to become acquainted with your child’s curriculum by discussing their class work with them.  If you have any questions, I would be happy to discuss them with you.  Thank you very much for being a supportive parent / guardian.


    Looking forward to a WONDERFUL YEAR,


    Mrs. Chapin


    Planning Time 9:20 - 10:00