• Star of the Week 

    Each week a student will be selected as the Star of the Week.  Below is the information students will be given detailing their responsibilities and privileges as star of the week.  Attached is a letter parents will be receiving that has more detailed information about what we will be doing to honor their student each day.  Click to view letter. 
    “You’re the Star” for the Week
    As our star student of the week, you are entitled to the following privileges and duties:
    • Run errands and deliver messages
    • Help your teachers with special projects
    • Help keep the room neat and tidy

    You also get to decorate the “Star of the Week” bulletin board.  Bring your items to put up on the first day of your special week.  Here are some examples of items to bring:

    • The completed "About Me" poster telling all about yourself
    • Photos of yourself – recent photos, a long time ago, as a baby
    • Awards, certificates, or ribbons you’ve earned
    • Whatever you can think of to put on the bulletin board!

    You will take your things home at the end of the week.


    Thank you for your time and energy!


                                 Remember … You’re the Star!

                                                              Mrs. Petete