• Spelling and Vocabulary List

     Spelling test on Friday, Jan. 26th. 

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    Spelling Words

    Vocabulary Words

    Blends with Silent Letters


    1. comb

    2. crumb

    3. scene

    4. scent

    5. gnat

    6. sign

    7. knife

    8. know

    9. wrist

    10. writing



    13. don’t

    14. eat

    15. very


    High Frequency:

    1. many

    2. morning

    3. through

    4. sleep

    5. colors

    6. down

    7. below

    eerie- it is strange in a way that makes you feel afraid or nervous

    growth- something that grows or has grown

    layers- it is made up of different parts or levels sitting on top of one another

    lively- it is active and full of life and energy

    location- is a place

    region- a large part of the surface of Earth

    seasons-are the four parts of the year that each have their own kind of weather

    temperate –somewhere that it is never very hot or cold