End of Year Info

  • Continuation of Group health benefits:
    Former employees have a right to continue benefits under the federal Continuation of Benefits Right Act (COBRA). Some former employees may also qualify to retain benefits as a vested/non-vested/retiree employee. Once the Insurance/Benefits office is notified of an employee's resignation, a COBRA packet is prepared and mailed via USPS Certificate of Mailing to the former employee's home address on record. Former Employees will need to read over the documents carefully paying close attention to deadlines and enrollment submission instructions in order to continue coverage. Employees may also access information about enrolling in the National Health Marketplace due to a "qualifying life event" such as ending employment coverage.
    2017-2018  End of Year Information   
    Access information about the Health Marketplace below:

    American Fidelity:

    Contact for American Fidelity benefits after resignation: 1-800-943-2231
    Flex Department:    1-800-325-0654
    Brett McGee, AFA District Representative: (405)408-3837
    Email: brett.mcgee@americanfidelity.com

    Access to Investments: http://www.mooreschools.com/Page/760

    • 403(b) Investment acounts: Please contact our Third Party Administrator (TPA), AFPlanServ if you or your financial advisor needs assistance. Our TPA is authorized to process your transactions on behalf of Moore Public Schools as the Employer.
                   AFPlanServ: 1-866-560-6415
    • 457 Investment accounts: Please contact our TPA, GWN Marketing, if you or your financial advisor needs assistance.  Our TPA is authorized to process your transactions on behalf of Moore Public Schools as the Employer. 
           District Representative(s):  Zach Hawley: (405)740-4457
                                                      Paul Rowlett: 1-877-266-2788